FILO Villanelle

The Sucréd and the Proe Fyn

No added vanilla.

h/t The Waste Land

Today’s challenge:write a poem that incorporates at least one of the following: (1) the villanelle form, (2) lines taken from an outside text, and/or (3) phrases that oppose each other in some way. 

Credit: JdVP

Filo Villanelle

Mixing memory and desire

Wilts the unfurling flower

Like a drought spell in the spring

I brush melted butter

Between sheer dough sheets of filo

I’m layering memory and desire

Slide it into the hot oven’s maw

Its element, desert sun shining down

Like a drought spell falling over spring

Scents of cranberry and brie bubble

The leaves now fall-crisp

Parcels of memory and desire

The mouth waters, the senses explode

Slide out the juxtaposed creation

Like a drought spell fell in spring

Small bites of savory and sweet

Mixing memory and desire

Spring leaves after the drought.

Hyena Haiku

Bottoms up, my dear

Cheers to your joy, your sadness

The cup spills over

Spot jy, hyena?

Die laaste gryns is grensloos

Hartseer se sterk kaak