Divine Hiccupia (Goddess of the Hundreds)


I used to be a Big Cheese of Creation

The Light of the world


Behold me now: the cheap trickster goddess

Loki? Ha! More like low-key:


I used to be the middle C

of all octaves!


Then the Cosmic Wave crashed

and I  splintered

into a tsunami of Fibonacci shards


Travelling into the future

at the speed of light: C?


Here’s my small Goddess trick:

I burp the hiccups from infant universes,

but carbon-based life needs count every C

as a hundred  (even the wine-dark ones)


I can but drive the crying ones

deep into their cups.


(Le voilà: 20*C= 2000; done as a flash-forward poem for terribleminds‘ challenge.)

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