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Emily Dickinson Poems Book Cover
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The Best Literary Facts from the Twitterverse

I am inspired to get a pet lobster and name him “Nuances of Growth”! (or maybe Nuisance?)

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Last Wednesday, we issued our 50,000 followers on Twitter with a challenge: to tweet us with the best literary fact they know. The reason for this was simple: since last December, the modestly sized research team here at Interesting Literature has been tweeting (as @InterestingLit) little facts, quotations, and links based on all aspects of literature, but one of the joys of literature is that as well as being a solitary experience (reading, writing) it can also be a social and communal interest (blogging, tweeting, discussing). And everyone who is interested in literature knows far more interesting things about it than they probably even realise themselves, so we saw this challenge as a chance for our followers to show us what they’ve got. They didn’t disappoint.

So, here are what our followers tweeted us. The author of each fact is included in brackets after the relevant tweet, placed in…

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Fright Night Villanesque

Fright Night
Fright Night (Oil and Cold Wax, 16″x16″)

Fright Night Villanesque

Strip it down bare-boned, meet the beasts head-on

The serotinal thief is cowardly

Fright night’s raging will pale when day is done

The swirly eyes feverish when light is gone

The brake lights, air bags all but memory

Strip it down bare-boned, meet the beast head-on

Sharp fangs glisten, triangles having fun

In sad abandon they blink forever uselessly

Fright night’s raging will pale when day is done

The pulse of light, a gonner, such was man

The scritching sounds of horror legs scurry

Strip them down bare, boned; meet the beast; head on

Dismembered in the day’s light, now there’s none

Just the skid marks on an easel, somewhat sunny

Fright night’s raging will pale when day is done

But lie down and dream deeply, hon

Those leglike lashes come crawling for more fun

Stripped to bare bone, meat- the beast’s head

Fright night’s whimper will pale when life is done

Coup de chapeau au Passé: J’ay perdu ma Tourterelle, translated here…(Lichtenstein too-two-II, of course…tipping the hat is so much better than tipping the cow, no?)