A need for Concrete Inspiration



In the current issue I offered Salmagundi readership a review of a biography of the composer William Schuman, a mid-century American symphonist who also was president of the Juilliard School and Lincoln Center for a number of years. If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, where, then, does that leave writing about writing about music? As a tonic for such troubling questions, here are a smattering of Schuman materials from the far flung web:

The author of the reviewed book, Steve Swayne, has put together a terrific site with multimedia excerpts of a number of Schuman’s works. I would particularly recommend either the Third Symphony or, what is perhaps his most well-known work, the New England Triptych.

As both an institutional mover and shaker and a composer, it can be tricky to picture exactly how Schuman might have been in person. An episode of the game show

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